Friday, November 17, 2006

Dear CMW Forum Friends

I apologize for the huge silence that seems to have settled over this blog, and in our user group. The fact is that I have been working with Jackie Moore to set up CFRB (Christian Fiction Review Blog). We're not anywhere's near done (and I hope it stays that way), but we have gone "live" on Nov. 14th. Right now we're waiting for enough blog hosts to volunteer before we move towards the actually promotional aspect of this blog. You can check us out at
If you decide you'd like to get involved in any area please go to and fill out our application form. (There's a link that will send you to the CFRB site on the Freewebs site. We had to move the form to Freewebs because it wouldn't work on the blog. There are actually 4 categories in which you can join with us and get involved:
1) Authors - obviously without authors and their published works we'd have nothing to review.
2) Reviewers - Likewise to be a review blog we need to have these wonderful people to help the authors get the word out about their works.
3) Blog Hosts - These people we are presently in short supply of, but truly need. These are the people who make CFRB's dynamics so widespread. So far our "widespread" only covers 3 blogs. If you have a blog you can help us, and the authors, here.
4) Other - That's right. There is a lot of work, some of it not even writing-related that people can help us with. Things like artwork, file transfers, "Think Tanks", people who know HTML, people in these and other areas who would be willing to field technical questions recieved by the oher members. And of course you can, and should, pray. We need the power of God, His Voice and direction in this.
If you can help in any of the four areas mentioned above, or in more than those areas please go to and fill out the application. We'll get back to you when we receive your form.

So what does all of this have to do with CMWForum? CMWForum is specifically designed for Christian mystery writers. As such we need an outlet to display and showcase our talents (published achievements). CFRB is that outlet for many of you. If you can go with CFBA then do so. If you wish to go with both CFBA and CFRB realize that our structure is slightly different so that we can meet different needs. We are not in competition with them nor they with us. We are two different types of outlets. At this time we probably look a bit on the lean side. That's because we're justs starting out. We have plans to:
1. Eventually include audio and e-books.
2. Post booktrailers with our blog tours, possibly even assisting in creating them (at no charge)..
3. Provide some internal chatter:
a) Writing tips from pros
b) Marketing your excellence
c) How can I help you?

As you can see our vision isn't limited. In fact it's open to wherever God wishes to lead us. Now fiction is a very large category. We've already received some submissions and they all look very interesting. I was surprised not to see as much romance submitted. Anyway, as Christian mystery writers this is a specialized form of fiction that is included in CFRB. CFRB is for all forms of Christian fiction, but as founder of CMWForum I wanted you guys to know you weren't left out. If anything you were in the forefront of my thoughts. David

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Cubicle Next Door

The Cubicle Next Door by Siri Mitchell

This week, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is posting about The Cubicle Next Door by Siri L. Mitchell.

If you like blogging...which you must if you are reading will think this book is blogarific. After each chapter, there is a blog entry. The book is written in first person and contains some hilarious blog antics.

Imagine that you are an anonymous blogger, one who uses a silly name instead of your own, then imagine blogging about your work. Now imagine blogging about your cubicle mate of the opposite sex and calling him by an anonymous name.

I know some who have done just that.

But now imagine that your cubicle mate has discovered your blog and begins to read it out loud to you. EVERY MORNING.

The Cubicle Next Door is set in a civilian's view of working on a military post. That in itself is funny enough...then add that the main character is a tree hugging, anti-SUV lover, with a thing for Bollywood movies. (Her favorite it Bride & Prejudice.) Suddenly this civilian hippie is thrown into a cubicle next to an Air Force Pilot/Teacher who SUV. Can't you feel the love?

Also, The Cubicle Next Door has some wonderful moments of self discovery.

A delightful is an excerpt for you:

The Cubicle Next Door

by Siri L. Mitchell Released Aug 06

Excerpt from Chapter 1:

“So what do you think, Jackie?”

What do I think? Funny Joe should ask me that. He’s just finished reading my blog. He’s just quoted me to myself. Or is it myself to me? Do I sound surreal, as if I’m living in parallel universes?

I am!

The blog—my blog—is all about Joe. And other topics that make me want to scream. But the clever thing is, I’m anonymous. When I’m blogging.

I’m Jackie, Joe’s cubicle-mate when I’m not.

And that’s the problem.

Joe is asking Jackie (me) what I think about the Mystery Blogger (also me). And since I don’t want Joe to know the blog is all about me and what I think of him, I can’t tell him what I think about me.

My brain is starting to short circuit.

So if I can’t tell him what I think about me, I certainly can’t tell him what I think about him, so I’m going to have to pretend not to be me. Not me myself and not me The Cubicle Next Door Blogger—TCND to my fans.

I have fans!

If I were clever I’d say something like, “Look!” and point behind him and then duck out of the room when he turned around to look.

But there’s so much computer equipment stacked around my desk and so many cables snaking around the floor that I’d break my neck if I tried to run away. So that option is out.

I could try pretending I didn’t hear him. “What?”

“SUVs. So what do you think about them?”

But then we’d basically end up back where we started.

So how did I get myself into this mess?

It was all Joe’s fault.


Tangerine by Marilynn Griffith

This week, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is posting about Tangerine (Revell, January 2007) by Marilynn Griffith (fellow CFBA member, blogger, writer, and mother of *GULP* seven!)


Marilynn Griffith is wife to a deacon, mom to a tribe and proof that God gives second chances. Her novels include Made of Honor (Steeple Hill, Jan. 2006), Pink (Revell, Feb. 2006), Jade (Revell, June 2006), and If the Shoe Fits (Revell, 2007). Her other credits include Chicken Soup for the Christian Woman’s Soul, Cup of Comfort Devotionals and her Shades of Style series (Revell, 2006). She lives in Florida with her husband and children. To book speaking engagements or just say hello, email:


Tangerine is the third book in the Shades of Style Novels.

Fans of Pink and Jade will eat up Tangerine, the third book in the cutting-edge Shades of Style series. Jean Guerra, a designer at Garments of Praise design firm, doesn't like surprises. These days though, the unexpected meets her everywhere. Since Jean's return to the church a year ago, her God-encounters occur with increasing frequency, along with thoughts of her husband-the one she vowed to divorce and gave up on long ago. The one nobody at work knows about, not even her best friend, Lily, or her boss, Chenille. But when the designer assigned to work with Jean on a line of men's suits shows up, her heart flips. It's her husband, Nigel Salvador. Jean is finally rendered speechless. Can her bruised heart become whole enough to love again? Or will she remain in the trenches of loneliness forever?

The book link:

Marilynn's website link:

THE 3RD COVENANT - a Comparison

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