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Yeah, yeah, I know I have the other blog going, but I needed to make mention of the links at the end. It was made known to me that the original links to Yellow30 Sci-Fi were wrong. I've corrected them. You'll find them at the end of this post and corrected in yesterday's as well.

So, what would you do if you had an ID chip in you, telling the government that you were a terrorist, capable of locating you no matter where you went? The Bible says that in those days there will be no place to hide. With today's chip implant technology we're already there.

Many years ago I asked my dad about a brand new satellite system that would aid our armed forces in navigation, getting advanced weather details, etc. The technology was so "sci-fi" like that it had the ability to take a picture of a person's license plate and reproduce it so others could read the numbers and letters on the plate. Being a teen at the time, who was interested in end time theology, I said, "Wow! Just imagine if those things were equipped with thermal scopes. There really wouldn't be any place left to hide." His reply to me was, "They already are equipped, it's just not been turned on."

People, the year 2036 is almost here. We have the chip implant technology, GPS satellites, and all these interesting groups that you'd expect; the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). Want to have some fun? Do a Google search on "World Organizations". We're closer to a "One State" government and its churchy counter part, "One Church" than you may wish to believe. People are manipulating DNA in search of the perfect human (Dr. Mengela would be so proud). Technology has taken us into the realm of nanotechnology, meaning the ability to build simple machines at or below the atomic level. In other words, you can't see them. Where will it all end? You have a Bible? The ending is written in there. It's amazing how the Apostle John could be so accurate, especially most of the things he talked about were hundreds of years from existing on any level.

Frank Creed isn't trying to tell us something we don't already know. He's trying to prepare us for a battle too many of us are willing to admit is already here. Way to go Frank.

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cyn said...


It is eerie to think back a decade or two when we gaffawed at people's predictions -- only to see them become an everyday part of our lives. I recall news reports in the late 70s telling us ATM cards would eventually serve as our chequebooks and I couldn't imagine how that would happen (I am not very imaginative technology-wise: still can't get my head around "live" tv broadcasts).

In the new millenium, the time lag between predictions and actuality is becoming ever shorter.

Technology is grand, but when governments become so fearful of what might be, there is a fine line between protecting and controlling its citizenry. Even more frightening, is the same technology in the hands of anyone or any corporation that can afford it.

Great observations, David.

David said...

I'm the kind of guy that gathers those "useless" tidbits of information and stores them away. It comes in handy when I write. I also am an "entropic thinker" to use my brother's words. So, I'm able to connect the dots, at least more interestingly than others. Not necessarily more accurate *S*!

Thanks for your kind words. You (and Frank) do a marvelous job.

David Brollier

Frank Creed said...

My favorite novel is Orwell's Dystopian (opposite of Utopian), 1984. I think his vision was accurate, just premature. The post-9/11 terrorism angle has our society at a real crossroads. Historically, the U.S. has followed European art and philosophy, lagging about eighty years behind. I believe technology has spent that up, and our leaders are making watershed decisions that will greatly impact our future. We're flirting with fascism. As Orwell predicted, the technology for tyranny is here, and frightening. The geopolitical ramifications and end times possibilities make me ask "what if"?

David said...

I don't know how accurate Orwell was, but I do know that fiction writers (specifically sci-fi writers) tend to be a bit prophetic. I'm not saying that they are prophets of God, only that these amazing people (include yourself there) have the ability of catching glimpses of the future that others seem to be blinded to.

David Brollier


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