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Day 4

What about all that psychic stuff? Yeah, I can hear the nay-sayers now. They'll be putting this great work of Christian fiction down and even possibly teaching people that this is a demonic work. I want you readers to know right up front that Somers has not added anything in this book that is offensive to the Gospel. It's the people who do not know their Bibles and think they do that will be offended the most. Well, good for James.

The Barudii warrior uses kinetic powers to enhance their natural abilities. These psychic powers aren't like those palm reader or anything of the sort. These powers are powers that are, first of all, genetically passed on. Has anyone stopped to think how Adam took care of the entire Garden of Eden on a daily basis? Could it be possible that his spirit and the Spirit of God were, at that time, so in tune that the natural abilities of his mind to move himself from place to place was commonplace? What about Philip, who after baptizing the eunich in the desert was found preaching at the city of Azotus. It says the Spirit caught up Philip and took him away. (Acts 8:26-40) If we, now being sinful, now use only 10% or less of our mind isn't it conceivable that in the sinless state we would be able to do things that would today be considered miracles? For the Barudii warrior he was simply making use of the God-given gifts he had been given. This included powers that we do not have, but prior to sin coming into the world we may well have had.

And let's not forget that we're talking about an allegory which depicts spiritual warfare in a physical sense. To do this Somers uses several different techniques, all of which I found fascinating. There is more to this than I can put down in a short post. Let's just enjoy the vision God has given James Somers and he has shared with us in his writings. After all, fiction is meant to be enjoyed, not picked apart like some frog in a biology class.

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Mirtika said...

What part of "fantasy" or "speculative" or "make-believe" is so hard for some people to understand?



David said...

It's not so much that they don't understand it. There are a lot of Christians who "fear" it. Like the rest of Christian fiction they think we're just writing a bunch of lies. Jesus was so ahead of His time.


Tangerine by Marilynn Griffith

This week, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is posting about Tangerine (Revell, January 2007) by Marilynn Griffith (fellow CFBA member, blogger, writer, and mother of *GULP* seven!)


Marilynn Griffith is wife to a deacon, mom to a tribe and proof that God gives second chances. Her novels include Made of Honor (Steeple Hill, Jan. 2006), Pink (Revell, Feb. 2006), Jade (Revell, June 2006), and If the Shoe Fits (Revell, 2007). Her other credits include Chicken Soup for the Christian Woman’s Soul, Cup of Comfort Devotionals and her Shades of Style series (Revell, 2006). She lives in Florida with her husband and children. To book speaking engagements or just say hello, email:


Tangerine is the third book in the Shades of Style Novels.

Fans of Pink and Jade will eat up Tangerine, the third book in the cutting-edge Shades of Style series. Jean Guerra, a designer at Garments of Praise design firm, doesn't like surprises. These days though, the unexpected meets her everywhere. Since Jean's return to the church a year ago, her God-encounters occur with increasing frequency, along with thoughts of her husband-the one she vowed to divorce and gave up on long ago. The one nobody at work knows about, not even her best friend, Lily, or her boss, Chenille. But when the designer assigned to work with Jean on a line of men's suits shows up, her heart flips. It's her husband, Nigel Salvador. Jean is finally rendered speechless. Can her bruised heart become whole enough to love again? Or will she remain in the trenches of loneliness forever?

The book link:

Marilynn's website link:

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